It is a Hungarian variety, which has dominated the European market of medium-early varieties - thanks to its huge fruit of excellent taste.


Hungary, Sarga Dragan x H203


Medium strong. The crowns are regular but loose, not too thick.


It blooms in mid-late period. Pollinators: Techlovan, Early Korvik, Summit, Kordia, Christian. Flowers are often attacked by Monila laxa.


The 3rd cherry week - sometimes a little bit later.


Very large, weight - 9-13 g, diameter - 32 mm and larger. With less fruiting it often exceeds these parameters. The fruit has a kidney shape, dark red and then black color. The fruit has outstanding firmness and can burst when it rains. The stem is long. The fruit has excellent, harmonious taste. The quality of the fruit is generally above standard.


It is a valuable variety ripening 7-10 days after Burlat, that is, in the period when there is a lack of valuable sweet cherries on the market. Despite the problems of cracking and Monila laxa, the variety is eagerly planted in new orchards because of the excellent quality of the fruit.