It is one of the most interesting late varieties that hit the top of the sweet cherries of Kordia ripen period. It is easy to attend and gives high yields of very nice fruit.


The Czech Republic, Van x Kordia


The growth is weak and moderate – similar to other varieties on Gisela rootstock. The crown is very regular and splendidly spreading, perfectly branched. The crown volume is at least 30% smaller than the crowns of other varieties planted together.


It blooms quite early, yet considered to be quite resistant to frosts. Pollinators: Vanda, Aida, Lapins, Rita, Sweetheart. Monilia laxa is not observed in practice.


6th week - just like Kordia. Cherries can be gathered over a long time because they do not lose their firmness and taste.


Large, 9-11 g even with very high yield. The fruit is very nice, dark red, shiny, sweet with slightly spicy taste – it is firm and practically never bursts! The variety is very fruitful, one of the few, which already in the 2nd year after planting on Colt gives a significant yield !


Christian combines all the major advantages: high yield, early fruiting, excellent fruit quality and high health. According to the Swiss experiences, this variety is one of the most reliable in fruiting – it can be a good support for fruit-growers in difficult years. Because of its high yield and low growth, it is excellent on high growing rootstocks. The old trees require a stronger cut.