Early Korvik®


It is a very interesting variety of the 4th cherry week, distinguished by high quality fruit, excellent health and ease of fruiting.


The Czech Republic, mutation of Korvik (Kordia x Vic)


It grows moderately strong, creating a perfect crown. It is one of the easiest to attend.


It blooms medium early. Pollinators: Burlat, Techlovan, Kordia, Sandra, Sweetheart, Staccato. Recently Carmen and Vanda were added. It is clearly resistant to Monila laxa.


The 4th cherry week. But it can be leaved on the tree for a long time - up to the 7th week, and keeps high firmness and taste.


Average size - 9-10.5 g. Which is 0.3 g (18%) larger than Kordia’s one. In practice, it depends on the size of the yield of this extraordinary fruit variety. The fruit is dark red, oblong, heart shaped, very firm, juicy, sweet, with a vinous aroma. The stem is long. The variety has wonderful resistance to cracking and rotting. Moreover, according to many reports, the fruit can be kept exceptionally long in the cold store.


This extremely easy to grow and very effective variety quickly gains popularity. Together with Vanda, Vera, Christiana and Justyna, they form a group of reliable varieties, certain in fruiting. The firmness of very nice fruits, although they are not huge, gives this variety a big advantage in difficult years when other varieties fail.