It is one of the newest late varieties in the Regina segment - distinguished by its excellent fruit quality, yield, resistance to frosts and diseases.


The Czech Republic, Kordia X Van


The growth is rather strong, the crown is regular, moderately thickened. The tree is easy to branch.


It blooms late. Pollinators: Sandra, Sweetheart, Tamara. It is resistant to spring frosts and Monilia laxa.


The 7th cherry week, practically together with Regina and Irena. The fruits hang on the tree for a long time without losing their quality.


Large, 10-12 g - significantly larger than Regina’s one. The color is dark red, then black. The shape is oblong, similar to Kordia. The fruit is very tasty, do not burst and do not rot. The stem is long.


Together with Irena and Regina, they form a group of the most valuable late varieties with dark red and then black fruits. Long-term observations have shown that it fruited well even on bird cherry. The fruits of great quality, do not give up the fruits of the recognized Regina, and even surpass them. It is hard not to notice that Regina is much more capricious in fruiting than Fabiola. It also takes into account very good health of the trees and high tolerance to frosts.