It is the newest variety from the group of late ones – it blooms and ripens with Regina. It is more plentiful, has bigger fruit than Regina, and has been researched as the best pollinator for Regina.


The Czech Republic, Kordia x M. Reward


Medium-strong. The trees produce nice, shapely, well branched crowns - not too dense.


It blooms late, so it is tolerant to spring frosts. Pollinators: Regina. And it is a perfect pollinator for Regina (S-Allel S4S6). It can be attacked by Monila laxa, but rarely.


The 7th cherry week, the same as Regina.


Size - 26-30 mm, weight - 10-12 g, on average 1 g bigger than Regina’s fruit. The fruit is heart shaped, dark red, then black with a slight brownish tint. It has a strong gloss and is very firm, sweet and very tasty. Despite high firmness, cracking is sporadic or none. The fruits ripe at the same time, in an even way. They keep a good hold on the tree.


It is one of the newest and most interesting varieties with dark fruits, supplementing Regina's harvest time. It is valuable not only because of the quality of the fruit, it is also a good pollinator for Regina – they are recommended as a mutually pollinating couple. In the Polish environment, it fruits quickly - also on Colt. It is yield, tolerant to frosts and diseases. It is also important to appreciate a small tendency to cracking, which is rare for such firm fruit.