It is one of the leading late varieties, exceptionally reliable in fruiting, resistant to diseases and cracking. The fruits can be leaved on the tree for a long time. Together with Christiana, E. Korvik and Vanda, they save fruit-growers in years of bad harvest.


The Czech Republic, Kordia x Stark Hardy Giant


Medium strong, then weaker. The crown is easy to make, spherical, and then slightly flutters.


It blooms medium late. Pollinators: E.Korvik, Kordia, Carmen, Skeena. It is sporadically attacked by Monilia laxa, which does not influence on the yield. Long-term observations did not confirm the increased sensitivity of the flowers to frosts.


The 6th cherry week, more or less with at the same time Kordia - although the breeder confirms that the fruits can hang on the tree even for 10 days without losing their quality.


Large, 10-12 g. The breeder gives average fruit weight of 11.2 g, that is 2.5 g or 22% larger than the fruit of Kordia. The fruit is heart-shaped, wider than Kordia’s one, with marbled flesh, very tasty. The peel is dark red, then black with a very strong gloss - which makes the fruit more attractive. The taste is close to Kordia’s one, but more sweet. The fruits do not burst, despite the high firmness. The stem is long.


It is one of the most reliable, high yield late varieties. It seems that it can slowly replace Kordia, from which it differs larger, not cracking fruit and higher yield. The possibility of prolonged harvest without the risk of cracks is also very important in the years of high yield of the varieties of Kordia’s gather period. Due to the yield, older trees should be cut and rejuvenated.