It is a variety that came to the forefront among early varieties of the 2nd cherry week. It presents on Polish market for several years, impresses with the yield, fruit quality and health.


The Czech Republic, Burlat x Sunburst


Medium strong. The trees creat strong, wide crowns.


It blooms medium early. Pollinators: Burlat, Tamara, Vanda, E. Korvik, Carmen, Summit, Skeena. Monilia laxa is not observed.


Theoretically, about 2 days after Burlat, but in practice at the same time with Burlat, and on the older trees much earlier. For example, in 2017, the advance was about 5 days. In contrast to Burlat, its maturation is very steady in time.


Large and very large, on average 10-12 g, red, then dark red. The fruit is wide, spherical, with long stem. The peel has glassy glare, which greatly raises visual qualities of the fruit. The fruit is very tasty, sweet with slightly spicy aftertaste. The firmness is average, initially close to Burlat, the fruits that have been leaved on the tree for too long can soften. Cracking can occur, but it is much smaller than Burlat's one.


Nowadays it is a leading variety on our market, known for its high quality fruit. It bears fruit well on all types of the rootstocks. It quickly enters the fruiting period, the trees are distinguished by good health, in the Polish environment we have never recorded frost damages.