It is an early variety, in Germany considered to be the most interesting, ripening more or less at the same time with Burlat. Its taste, appearance and production value meet the high commercial requirements.


Germany, Knaus Schwarze x Souvenir des Charmes 


Strong, with medium branching. It requires more work to form regular crowns.


It blooms early, so the flowers may frost. Pollinators: Rita, Earlise, Bellise, Aida, Christiana, Vanda, Lapins, Sweetheart. The flowers can be affected by Monilia laxa.


The 2nd cherry week, according to the breeder - a few days before Burlat, in the Polish environment it seems that ripens almost equal to Burlat. There are considerable discrepancies in this case - near Gorzów Wielkopolski it matures even 5 days before Burlat (2017), in Central Poland - after Burlat. The observations come from the young orchestras, which can explain these differences.


Large (9-10 g), slightly flattened, dark red, then black, with light brown glare. They are quite equal in their shapes and sizes. They ripen in a fairly even way, although in the first years of fruiting the black fruit is sometimes adjoined with immature ones. The firmness is good, the sensitivity to cracking is medium.


Narana seems to be a valuable addition to early varieties, especially since Burlat, due to numerous shortcomings, often fails. Longer observations will show how much it is earlier than Burlat in the Polish environment. Its fruit is bigger than Burlat’s one and has a better quality - more useful for trade and transportation.