It is called "early Kordia" – but its fruit is much bigger than Kordia’s one and it never bursts. The similarity to the popular Kordia plus a few days ahead of maturity, give Sandra a good market position.


The Czech Republic, Kordia x Semenac C13


Strong. The crown is initially raised, then under the weight of branches - crying. Even thick branches are prone to hang, which can be a problem when applying herbicides under the crowns.


It blooms medium early. Pollinators: Van, Vanda, Burlat, Horka, Tamara, Techlovan. It is rarely attacked by Monilia laxa.


The 5th cherry week, more or less at the same time with Techlovan. We do not delay the harvest because the overmature fruit becomes soft.


Very large and impressive, 10-13 g, elongated and heart-shaped, resembling the fruit of Kordia. The fruit is red, then black, known for its complete bursting resistance. The taste is aromatic, sweet or very sweet. The fruit is firm enough in the red phase - it is the best time to pick it up, avoiding softening. The stem is long.


Together with Techlovan and Sandra, they open the season of big fruit late varieties. Its yield on Colt is average, but stable. Its extraordinary appearance, good health and lack of cracking give it the opportunity to wider production.