It is a leading big fruit variety, introduced in the coming years to produce worldwide. Due to the largest and most beautiful fruits, it is often planted - despite its sensitivity to cracks.


The Czech Republic, Krupnopłodnaja x Van


Moderately strong. The crowns have loose structure, consisting of long, horizontally growing branches that slightly hang.


It blooms medium early. Pollinators: Aida, Burlat, Vanda, Christiana, Lapins, Sweetheart. The flowers can be attacked with Monilia laxa.


the 6th cherry week, together with Kordia - although it can be leaved on the tree for a long time. In practice, some people gather it in the 5th week because it is already big and red, while others - together with Regina, then it is black, but still very firm.


Surprisingly large - 12-14 g, often larger, very firm. The fruit is heart-shaped, very aromatic, very sweet and tasty - unquestionably wins the taste tests. The peel is dark red to shiny black - it can burst at a level similar to Techlovan or Carmen. The stem is medium in length.


Its big fruit of excellent quality determines the popularity of this variety in Europe, as well in the world - even in Australia and the United States. No other variety comes close to Tamara fruit quality. It bears fruit on all rootstocks - also strongly growing. Due to the possibility of cracking, the use of covers may be considered.